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Merry Christmas!



Welcome to Whisper




Australian Stud Book

Whisper appears to be a lovely natured and easy-going young man.

Whisper   Whisper

Whisper   Whisper

Whisper   Whisper

We have been contacted by someone who knew the boy as a foal, and apparently he developed OCD as a bub. We will be able to provide some more information regarding his soundness or otherwise once the handsome fella has had his vet exam.



Thank you to Ash for finding us this lovely photo of Whisper's stunning sire 'Barely a Moment'.

Barely a Moment




Thank you to Donna for offering to lighten the load here by fostering Whisper for the next few weeks. Donna collected Whisper today for short term stay out on her farm with her other big boys. He was an angel to load, and sparked much excitement and play with Donna's other Thoroughbreds upon arrival!

Donna will keep us updated on the lovely boy, and he will be returning to this property in a few weeks.




I visited the beautiful Whisper out at the farm today.
He seems to be thoroughly enjoying the wide open spaces, but was very happy to say g'day.






Well, it's taken me a while to be able to do this, as I've found this particular one very hard to take. We're very sad to pass on the news that Whisper is no longer with us. On Friday 7th October, Jude laid this beautiful young boy to rest. Donna, who has very kindly been caring for Whisper for what turned out to be an extended period of time after I broke my leg, very kindly dug a hole at her farm where Whisper has been living, and he is now resting in peace out there near his buddies. Whisper's actual passing was completely stress free for him.

I'm pretty gutted over this, as he was a beautiful young boy who had the most amazingly sweet and kind temperament. I had high hopes for his future, but as it was revealed, the poor boy did not have a future ahead of him that didn't involve ever increasing levels of pain. Whisper's knees, (which as previously mentioned, had undergone surgery when he was a foal), became quite swollen with the good exercise he was enjoying out at Donna's farm, and Jude gave him a thorough examination. Whisper had chronic osteoarthritis, which is a fairly common result of this OCD surgery, and he was in constant pain and discomfort, to the point where he was having trouble weight-bearing on those legs. Jude said that his condition was in no way repairable, is incurable, and is progressive. I begged Jude for an answer to it.. anything, but there was none.

My gratitude to Donna, who gave Whisper some lovely time out at her farm with her big boys. It was just as hard for Donna to accept this, and she came to know him as a sweet big doofus. The hardest aspect to horse welfare... knowing when to call it quits, and to let the horse go. Thanks for being there for Whisper Don, both in his last months, and also in his final moments on this earth. What a killer... honestly. Thanks also to Jude, who, tough as she is, never finds it easy to put a beautiful animal such as Whisper to sleep forever. All three of us would have done anything to change this outcome for this boy, who was just a baby, but sometimes all the skill, hope, and love in the world is just not enough.

Rest in peace beautiful big boy, forever in our thoughts.


Barely a Whisper

‘Barely a Whisper,’ by name and by nature,

bred for the track, to be a star racer.

A gentle horse of courage and might,

the sport of kings led to his plight.

His precious life lost, the damage was done,

at a time when his journey had just begun.

Near the end of his days on this place we call Earth,

he found caring people who saw his true worth.

We’ll remember our friend, our lives so much richer,

for having known a horse - ‘Barely a Whisper’

Beth ~ Quest Sec.


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