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Welcome to little Oreo




Oreo   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo



It was off to the Vet today to investigate Oreo's most pressing health problem, his eye injury. Oreo's surrendering owner tells us that it initially occurred a couple of months ago. The Vet's opinion is that the initial injury could have been caused by any number of events.. anything from walking into a stick, to having a grass seed embed itself in his eye. Whatever the cause, the Vet said that the eye had ulcerated, and then the ulcer had eventually ruptured, leaving the eye 'deflated' and sunken in appearance as it is. Oreo is now permanently blind in this eye, but at this stage, the Vet sees no reason for its removal. It is not not causing him any pain or discomfort. The time is long passed when it could be treated and saved.

Oreo all ready to go!   Oreo unloading himself at the Clinic

Oreo meets the Surgery receptionist, Jan   Little man enjoys some green pick in the horses waiting room

Oreo's injured eye   Home again

Secret Pony Business   Welcome home



Lovely day for a bath! As you can see from the second photo below, Oreo didn't agree... "Oh the indignity of it all", he says. Little man was covered in Lice, so I'm sure that he'll be feeling 100% fresher and less itchy now.

He was such a well behaved boy. For a pony who's never had a bath before, he took it very well. Such a mild mannered and sweet little thing he is, and what a pretty little head he has.

Oreo   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo



Is there anything better than a snooze with your buddies?

Oreo and friends.



Oreo gives Tracie a kiss

Oreo and Tracie



Farrier day today for little man. Oreo waited patiently for his turn, and considering that his feet had never been trimmed before, he was very well behaved. Once he understood that we weren't actually sawing his legs off he relaxed and took quite an interest in the proceedings. The farrier was quite amazed by Oreo's tiny feet!

Oreo waiting patiently   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo



You scratch my back - I'll scratch yours..




Oreo and friends   Camouflage Pony!



Little Oreo says good morning and Happy New Year!

OreoHorses can teach THEMSELVES so many of the lessons that we need them to learn if we give them the time, and work with their natural inclinations.

One trait they have that is very useful to us humans is curiosity! Even the most timid horse is very curious, and if we allow them to initiate some of their own baby-steps there’s much to be gained.

You cannot ‘trick’ a horse into trusting you, this is something you earn through not taking advantage of the trust they place in you, however small the increments are. As the saying goes.. ‘you have to take the time to save the time’.

Oreo, like all babies, is incredibly curious, and just cannot help himself!



Branding day for little man.

Oreo   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo



Lovely big scrub-up for Oreo this morning, and off for a walk to dry off... a bit of socialising and some exploring. Tried the smallest Quest rug we have on the little fella, but hmmm.. maybe about a foot too long!

Oreo is a very happy chappy these days. He is first to come up to you in the paddock, loves his smooches and scratchies, and is perfect to be caught and haltered. He's leading beautifully and is a pleasure in every way. Very hard not to fall head over heels for this special little munchkin!

Oreo   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo



Well wonderful news for the little munchkin.. Oreo has been offered a home of his very own, and a brilliant one at that! He has not been with us for long, and still has some way to go in his re-conditioning, however he is not leaving us entirely. QEW's wonderful Secretary, Beth, has caved-in to the feelings that she has for the little man, and has offered him a home herself. We're thrilled to bits with this, as he was never going to be an easy one to let go. We know that he will be provided with the very best of care by Beth, and that we will hear regular news of him.

Oreo left yesterday on the journey to his new beginning. Mixed feelings here, as his sunny and loving little personality will be sorely missed, but I'm so happy for the little man as I know the love and attention that is waiting for him. He could not be in better hands.

Sincere thanks to Beth, who not only invests an incredible amount of her time into Quest, but who is also now an 'adoptive mumma'! Can't wait to share some photos of Oreo at his new home, Beth has a beautiful 100 acre property and many animal friends waiting for him.

Thank you so much to all who took an interest in Oreo's journey, particularly those who joined us in supporting his care by taking up horse sponsorship. We hope that you will check into his diary here now and then to watch Oreo grow up.

Saying his goodbyes yesterday:

Oreo   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo



Safe and sound! Unbeknownst to Oreo, he has finally arrived in his very own home of his own, his forever home!

Oreo   Oreo



A big day for a little fella.. dentist and micro-chipping. Now little man only has his gelding to look forward to.

Oreo   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo






Oreo went on an excursion with his adoptive mum yesterday to their local lake. I couldn't bring myself to reduce the size of these photos any more than I did, as they're just too beautiful I think. Although Oreo has a lead on, there was no need for it, as apparently he just followed his mum around.. what a good boy!





Time to get the winter wardrobe together, and Oreo's adoptive mum has
been trying on rugs.. apparently he's 2' 9" in a rug!

Oreo   Oreo



Orrie weighs in at the Vet's today.

Oreo visits the Vet



Little man is well and truly a part of his adoptive family these days.




My name is Orrie.. and I am FUNKY!

Oreo      Oreo



Best mates!

Oreo and Keiser



Brumby style..

Oreo   Oreo



Have you ever seen such a shiney, healthy winter coat on a pony?!
Interesting photo of Orrie's tail, where you can clearly see the point in his
development where he began to receive good nutrition.

Oreo   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo



You say garden mulch.. I say dinner!

Oreo   Oreo

Oreo   Oreo



Uh oh.. Hendra Vax day at Oreo's house!

Orrie meets the Hendra Vaccination   Orrie meets the Hendra Vaccination

Good boy Orrie!
Good boy Orrie x








Well little munchkin's retained testicle finally made an appearance, so it was off to the Vet for Orrie!

Oreo weighed in at a whopping 66 kgs :)

Oreo weighing in.   Sweet dreams Orrie!

Oreo's health care is managed by the wonderful Vets at Lithgow Veterinary Hospital. A more caring, professional and dedicated team you'd be hard pressed to find. Sincere thanks to the ladies at LVH for the extra special care that they provide the little man.

Below left is Orrie with Vets Kim and Alison. Below right is Orrie getting the 'thumbs up' from Vet Nurse Alli.

Orrie with his wonderful Vets.   .. and with his special Nurse :)



Here's little man enjoying some post-gelding prescribed exercise with his adoptive mum. Beth apologises for the poor quality of the clip, but for me it's just so joyous when I remember the sad little man who arrived at our shelter in November last year :) You're doing a wonderful job Beth!



rescue horse   rescue horse

rescue horse   rescue horse






Love your new PJ's Orrie!







Little man has no legs in winter! :)



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