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  • About Quest

    Quest Equine Welfare is dedicated to providing an ethical and professional standard of comprehensive welfare services for neglected, sick, injured, abandoned and mistreated Australian equines, (Horses, Ponies, and Donkeys). QEW is making a meaningful difference in the lives of neglected and at-risk equines through direct intervention, education, community outreach, the raising of awareness, and through hands-on horse rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing.

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  • The QEW Shelter

    The philosophy at the QEW Shelter is that every equine, regardless of age, health status, breed, or perceived 'value', be afforded the highest standard of care possible. Horses are made welcome for whatever period is necessary to restore their health and to source them the right adoptive home.

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  • Our Horse's Stories

    The diaries seen on this page are an important tribute to each of these individual horses, ponies, and donkeys. Each of these animals should have their story respectfully told so that their suffering can be acknowledged and, where possible, the contributing factors responsible for their plight be understood. It is hoped that by reading these diaries, community members will be better able to recognise equine welfare issues and will feel more accountable to advocate for animals who are potentially at risk.

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  • What does QEW do?

    QEW’s services and operational practices are tailored to enable the charity to address the welfare of individual animals in need, whilst also consistently working towards, advocating for, and facilitating positive and lasting changes to the welfare status of all Australian equines.

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  • It's a team effort!

    QEW's voluntary equine welfare work is sustained entirely by donations and sponsorship from the community. Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, financial or otherwise, it all makes a difference. The horses and our volunteers are extremely grateful for every gesture of support. Visit this page for heaps of great ideas as to how you can help out!

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  • Visit Joy's Story

    Joy was less than 24 hrs old when she was taken into Quest's care. Abandoned by her emaciated mum and having spent a night in the rain, Joy's prognosis was not good. However, Joy proved to be a tough little cookie, and having been stabilised by QEW's Vet, she survived and thrived in the care of Quest. The little madam has become a part of the fabric of the charity, and these days she quite frequently volunteers her time to assist with newly surrendered horses.

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